01.21 – War In Somalia & Africa’s “Debt”

[sorry:: audio unavailable]

Segment 1: War in Somalia. Today on Africa Now, an indepth look at the on going war in Somalia. What are the ramifications of the Ethiopian troops on the ground in Somalia? What justification does the U.S. have for bombing strikes on the east African nation? And where will Somali refugees seek help now that Kenya has closed its borders? We will speak with Nii Akuetteh, the Executive Director of Africa Action.

Segment 2: Africa’s “Debt“. We will also have a conversation with Debayani Karr of the Jubilee USA Network about international debt, the roots of poverty in Africa, and movements for economic justice. Every day, African nations pay out millions of dollars to institutions like the World Bank or IMF or to wealthy governments—money that could be used to lift peoples standard of living. Debi will help us move past some of the simplistic rhetoric to understand the impact of Debt on the lives of people in Africa.


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