01.28 – Militarism in Africa

[sorry:: audio unavailable]

For the past four years, Iraq has been the primary focus of the Bush Administration’s “Global War on Terror,” but hidden components of this strategy can be found all over the world, in arms sales, in the expansion of military bases, in the training of surrogate armies, in covert, and overt support for dictators. Africa, of course, has not been exempt from this trend, as evidenced by the recent military excursion by Ethiopia into Somalia and the continued stalling on a resolution to urgent crisis in Darfur. This evening we will take a deeper look at the impact of US militarism in Africa.


Bal Pinquel – Bal is on the Steering Committee of (UFPJ), otherwise known United for Peace with Justice. A long-time peace activist and former political prisoner during the Marcos regime in the Philippines, he is currently a staff member at the American Friends Service Committee.

Dan Volman – Dan is an activist scholar, the Director of the African Security Research Project, a member of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, an Adjunct Professor at the American University and the author of numerous articles on Africa and U.S. security interests.


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