03.11 – Trade and Ecological Debt in Africa

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This week on Africa Now! ecological debt in Africa. Countries in Africa have seen the worst ecological disasters on the globe, ranging from the destruction of ecosystems due to the dumping of toxic waste materials to the damming of rivers. Much of this destruction has been in the name of development–yet the profits most often end up the hands of major companies, many of whose names we know well here in the US. Yet somehow there’s an idea that Africa owes northern countries a debt? We’ll be joined by well-known Malawian economist Francis Ng’ambi to talk about who really owes who. Plus we’ll talk about global trade–is it really the way to lift Africans out of poverty? GUESTS:


Francis Ng’ambi, Malawian economist, Malawi Economic Justice Network, http://www.mejn.mw/

Jessica Walker Beaumont, American Friends Service Committee, http://www.afsc.org/trade-matters/


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