04.22 – The Crisis in Zimbabwe

>> audio forthcoming <<


3 responses to “04.22 – The Crisis in Zimbabwe

  1. Tendai Mataranyika

    bomba, iam third year nust student, what’s happenning bro.

  2. Vewessee Jude

    I love Mogabe’s approach towards the west. he doesn’t give them the room to do anything in his country. That’s method other African leaders should use to drive these mineral exploiters from our beloved continent. We got all we need but we keep allowing the west to come impose and interfere in our style. i think they’er jaelous of our virgin culture so cherished by most of them and becouse they can’t rewind time, they want to get rid of the African style of doing things.

  3. i feel it is quite in order that i explain to those who continue in ignorance to hail , the great man that once was , robert gabriel mugabe .
    the successes of the past do and must not be allowed to be justification for the continued intolerable behaviour of the present leadership.
    we the real zimbabweans have been betrayed , and we will have justice and we will have it now .so please dont shout you african solidarity crap to us when its our land that is suffering .

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