04.29 – Zimbabwean Activist John Bomba / Student AIDS Activism

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2 responses to “04.29 – Zimbabwean Activist John Bomba / Student AIDS Activism

  1. Vewessee Jude

    I must say I’m glad to read and listen from such a wondeful program that opens the eyes of most africans so that they can move ahead and make things happen and not just sit back and dream. More greace to your elbow.(I’m Ndumu’s class mate way back in Sacred Heart College here in Cameroon)

  2. Africa Now should get the May 2007 issue of the NewAfrican magazine. It has a very imporant and informative supplement on Zimbabwe, with information that the public needs to know. The supplement also gives very fair coverage to “opposition” elements in Zimbabwe, along with irrefutable proof that the West is behind destabilazation and regime change efforts. With all due respect, the two shows you’ve had on Zimbabwe so far have not done the topic justice and have never acknowledged/covered British, US and EU policies toward Zimbabwe, let alone examined thier details. I suggest Africa Now arrange an interview with Baffour Ankomah, the magazine’s editor, to discuss the topics in that issue. Of course it covers more than Zimbabwe too. I guarantee that would make one the best shows you will broadcast. TransAfrica has a copy of the issue in thier library.

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