05.06 – Elections in Nigeria / Firestone Strike

Segment 1: Nigerian Elections

Writing for the Daily Trust in Abuja, Nigeria, columnist Is’haq Modibbo Kawu wrote last week…”Three weeks after the electoral process that has been condemned as the most fraudulent in Nigeria’s history, the fate of our dear country hangs in the balance. Of course, those alleged to have attained victory continue as if they reside on an alien planet; they are planning for life after May 29th when they will inherit power. But they carry on with their bravado with a huge amount of question mark about the problem of legitimacy.”

The Nigerian elections remain embroiled in charges of fraud and illegitimacy. Candidates defeated in April’s disputed Nigerian elections are struggling to gather evidence of fraud strong enough to overturn the results, raising doubts over they will be able to force a re-run of the vote.

Elections took place for the presidency, state governorships and national assembly in April, but observers said vote-rigging was widespread.

Lanre Tejuoso, who stood for a senatorial seat in southwestern Ogun State for the opposition All Nigeria People’s Party, said: “We’re trying to gather the necessary documents and then the lawyers will advise on whether it’s worth filing a petition.”

What actually happened in the Nigeria elections? How will it play out? What effect will it have on the continent and here in the US?

Segment 2: Strike in Firestone Plantation (Liberia)


Striking workers at the Firestone Rubber plantation in the West African nation of Liberia clashed with police last week. Many people were wounded.

Between 6,000 and 8,000 workers at the plantation, which is run by a subsidiary of Japan-based tire giant Bridgestone/Firestone Corporation have been striking. They are demanding better working conditions and the removal of some of the top management. Striking workers set up roadblocks and threw rocks at a force of Liberian police and United Nations peacekeepers called to the site to disperse the crowd. The police released tear gas into the crowd and fighting broke out.




One response to “05.06 – Elections in Nigeria / Firestone Strike

  1. Great show! Thanks for spreading the word about the Firestone strike. To find out more about Firestone’s operations in Liberia and for ways to take action to support the workers, keep checking http://www.stopfirestone.org. Check out videos on the situation at http://www.youtube.com/StopFirestone.

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