JUNE 17 ’07 – Poet Omekongo Dibinga & U.S. Social Forum Preview

Joining us now is Omékongo Dibinga. Born in Boston, Massachusetts to Congolese parents exiled for their role in aiding in the liberation of the Congo, he is the founder & CEO of Free Your Mind Publishing. As a widely published spoken word artist, poet, actor, and activist, Omekongo focuses on bridge-building programs between young Africans throughout the Diaspora.

Guest: Omékongo Dibinga

The United States Social Forum, to be held from June 27 to July 1 in Atlanta, Georgia, will be the largest gathering of progressive activists, cultural workers, intellectual and organizers in the US in decades.

Like the World Social Forum, which took place in Nairobi, Kenya earlier this year, the USSF has been developed as an open platform to vision and articulate alternatives to the present economic and political system, where the interests of corporations are place above those of workers’ and human rights, national and Indigenous sovereignty.

Aimed at consolidating grassroots people’s movements of resistance in the United States, organizers see the USSF as an important opportunity to galvanize our movements and develop some level of convergence. But what does the USSF have to do with Africa?

Guests: Nunu Kidane, Executive Director of the Priority Africa Network

Glory Kilanko, Director of Women Watch Africa;

Sameer Dossani, Director of the 50 Years Is Enough Network.

Host: Akenji Ndumu


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