JULY 15 ’07 – Darfur Peace Meeting in Tripoli & Firestone Updates

The United Nations and the African Union have begun meeting in Tripoli to evaluate the peace process in Darfur, the war-torn Sudanese region burdened by fragmented rebel groups and competing initiatives.

The meeting is aimed at unifying competing peace plans and set the stage for negotiations to end a conflict that has killed an estimated 200 000 people in more than four years.

The meeting is being held amid hopes of a breakthrough to end the conflict after the African Union secured a commitment from a rebel chief to take part in talks to create a “final and lasting peace.”

Joining us to discuss the Sudan meetings in Tripoli and the African America response to the situation in Darfur is Nii Akuetteh, Executive Director of Africa Action.


For the first time in its 81 years in Liberia the Firestone Tire company has allowed a Union election. The United Steele Workers of America were among the international observers. Our guest today, Mr. Michael Zielinski was in the delegation.

In a press conference he reminded us of the horrid conditions of the Firestone plantation in Liberia. He said, “Firestone has all the it needs to build high schools, colleges, bigger hospitals, transportation for workers and their children, but has failed, only because they want to have uneducated workforce who will not ask them of their rights.”

Host: Akenji Ndumu


Nii Akuetteh, Executive Director of Africa Action

Mike Zelinski, United Steel Workers of America

Emira Woods, Co-Director of Foreign Policy in Focus


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