Post-Electoral Crisis in Kenya & The African Cup of Nations

Since the close of contested presidential elections in late December 2007, the nation of Kenya has been embroiled in a bitter political power dispute that has quickly spiraled into what many now see as uncontrollable violence between supporters of incumbent president Mwai Kibaki and those of opposition leader Raila Odinga. Former UN chief Kofi Annan has traveled to Kenya to negotiate a political settlement that some say might be too late to stop the strife. Meanwhile, US Undersecretary for African Affairs Jendayi Frasier was quick to label the conflict: “ethnic cleansing.” What exactly is fueling this crisis? What is the political context? What is the nature of the political interests involved and how have these interests influenced the unravelling of this crisis? From the point of view of Kenyans living the US, Africa Now goes beyond the post-electoral crisis to examine the real human tragedy that has overtaken Kenya, once a model of stability in Africa.

ALSO, What happens when you pit an Indomitable Lion, an Elephant, a Pharaoh and a Black Star against each other? You get the explosive semi-finals of the 2008 African Cup of Nations, which will reached its inevitable conclusion Sunday February 10 with the Egyptian Pharaohs ruling the roost for their second consecutive Championship. We will recap the excitement of the Nations Cup, examine its impact on the economy of host country Ghana, and appraise the state of African Football today as the continent looks towards hosting its first ever world cup in South Africa in 2010.

GUESTS: Mukoma wa Ngugi is a poet and activist from Kenya. He is co-editor of Pambazuka News, a weekly forum for social justice in Africa, and author of Hurling Words at Consciousness and a political columnist for the BBC Focus on Africa Magazine. He can be contacted at Julia Nekessa Opoti is an editor and writer with KenyaImagine, an interactive opinion, analysis and debate magazine platform for the promulgation of ideas in communion with Kenyans from around the world. She can be reached at Fore the Nations Cup segment, the guest is Francois Gouahinga a staff writer at and editor of the French AllAfrica website. Contact him at

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