The Hearts of Darkness: How White Writers Created The Racist Image of Africa

The Hearts of Darkness: How White Writers Created The Racist Image of Africa is the latest book by Ugandan-born author Milton Allimadi that explores in thoroughly-researched detail, the roots of the current negative perceptions of Africans. In the book he chronicles the beginnings of images of Black people that serve to assist a system of white dominance, such as Blackness and beastiality; savages, tribal, uncivilized, etc. He is the Editor in Chief of the New York City-based The Black Star News, a weekly investigative newspaper with targeting primarily African Diaspora readers. The newspaper was founded in 1997 by Mr. Allimadi and the paper’s motto is “Speaking Truth To Empower,” by covering news significant to its target readers that are often ignored by the major corporate newspapers.

During his research for the book, Allimadi discovered documents –correspondences between New York Times reporters sent to Africa from the 1950s to the 1990s and editors here in New York—that details some of the racist attitudes towards Africa and even exposes some concoctions published in The New York Times to perpetuate the racist characterizations of Africa.

Mr. Allimadi has lectured about the topic at Columbia University, Syracuse University, Pace University, The New School University, The London School of Economics, and at numerous book stores around the country.

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