Twin Epidemics: Tuberculosis & HIV in Africa

This week on Africa Now! We’re talking about Tuberculosis. It’s a disease that many in wealthy countries think of as a disease of the past. Indeed, the world has known how to cure TB for half a century. Yet on the continent of Africa, TB kills millions who cannot access the basic $20 treatment that can cure the disease. And, in Sub-Saharan Africa the TB crisis is combining with the AIDS pandemic—as the two diseases fuel eachother in a deadly spiral of co-infection.

Next week leaders from around the world will be meeting at the United Nations to address, for the first time, the combined TB and HIV pandemics in a high level forum. Will the world begin to turn the corner on TB and HIV? Can global leaders really marshal the funding and the programs needed? Can we tackle TB without also tackling the driving force of poverty? We’ll ask those questions and more this week on Africa Now!

Joining us Joining us to talk about this issue is Winstone Zulu—a TB and HIV activist from Zambia who is in the US on a speaking tour on his way to the first ever “UN Global Leaders Forum on TB/HIV” in New York. Winstone joins us by phone from Los Angeles.

ALSO, the DC Caribbean Filmfest 2008—we’ll be joined by Mwiza Munthali of Transafrica forum to talk about this event that starts this weekend


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